• 8 best Asian fusion restaurants in Sydney

8 Best Asian Fusion Restaurants In Sydney


Asian Fusion restaurants are slowly becoming the norm when chefs try to experiment with different ideas and flavours. Sydney is no exception, hosting some of the best Asian-fusion restaurants in the Southern Hemisphere.

Sydney has managed to honour each cuisines rich past. So, if you are looking for a new restaurants to try with your friends or family, check out this article on the best Asian fusion restaurants in Sydney.

These innovative restaurants are popular with Australian diners and due to their inexpensive dishes and oriental styling. The growing Asianisation of food offerings in Sydney is has been slowly replacing the earlier phenomenon of Americanisation, which was led by some famous names like McDonald’s, KFC, and Pizza Hut.

From dining precincts to food halls, these Asian fusion restaurants in Sydney are dominating. The Asian dining style has begun to spread across the east coast capitals, like Sydney and Melbourne, and has recently reached Cairns.

1. The Grand Palace

asian fusion restaurants in Sydney

With a touch of modernism and a heaping of flavour, The Grand Palace, located in the heart of Sydney is excited to offer the best Asian fusion cuisine. The aroma of their fabulous foods will tantalise your taste buds.

When visiting the Grand Palace, indulge yourself in their relaxing ambience with a drink or two. The Grand Palace offers traditional Indian food that is rich and meticulously prepared. All dishes are prepared, produced, and grown in Australia with spices imported from India. If you are a lover of Indian food, you can enjoy your favourite Indian food, all while living in Sydney.

Depending on your preferences, the restaurant offers flexible dining that can be easily customized for different groups. So what are you waiting for? If you want to enjoy delicious Asian fusion food with a fine dining experience, a visit to The Grand Palace is a must.

MealsLunch, Dinner, and Drinks

2. Brick Lane dining

●     Serves Alcohol, wine, and beer

●     Accepts American Express, Mastercard, and Visa

Special dietsVegetarian-friendly, Vegan, and Gluten-free options
Menu highlightsCinnamon Samosas
Tandoori chicken burger spring rolls
Indian Tacos
Coconut button chicken

3. Nikkei Bar and Restaurants

Nikkei is a natural fusion of Japanese and Peruvian food, with flavours dating back decades.

4. Soul Dining

Contemporary Korean is at the heart of Soul Dining. The cozy restaurant on Devonshire Street is among the most popular Asian-fusion restaurants in Sydney.

Recently, the team from Soul Dining expanded its franchise to include Sydney’s first Korean Deli on nearby Campbell Street. While serving triple-cooked grilled octopus with a Korean fermented chili sauce and Korean Bulgogi tartare, Soul Dining is known for the creative flourishes of Korean with Australian flavours and tastes.

Menu highlightsKorean Bulgogi tartare
Triple cooked grilled octopus with Korean fermented chili sauce

5. Lilymu

If you are a fresh-faced newcomer to the world of Asian-fusion then Lilymu brings a lot of competition to the table. This innovative new restaurant comes from the same mind as the ever-popular staple restaurant, Nour.

The head chef, Brendan Frog, has assembled a menu that fuses ideas from different regions throughout Asia. You can expect Tom yum dumplings, a duck Katsu sandwich with Thai herbs and lamb Massaman curry with Vietnamese mint.

What you can expect from Lilymu

Menu highlightsDuck Katsu sandwich with Thai herbs
Lamb massaman curry with Kipfler potatoes

6. Kid Kyoto

Kid Kyoto is a major player from the Sam Prince, best known for South Asian eatery Indu and vibrant Mexican restaurant Mejico. With many interesting modern Japanese dishes like tomato Ohashi with rockmelon, pepper berry, whipped tofu and pork hock with green apple, Kid Kyoto delivers a vastly different vibe for Sydney.

The team behind Kid Kyoto bring the hero izakaya cooking style using fresh Australian produce. The restaurant also has a comprehensive wine selection, Japanese beers, premium shakes, whiskey, and cocktails.

Trading HoursTuesday-Saturday:-  12 pm to late night

7. China Lane

China Lane is considered one of the modern best Asian fusion restaurants in Sydney, driven by consistency and quality. Located in Angel Place, this restaurant brings a sleek space, brimming with the aromas and flavours of creative contemporary Asian.

Along with the head chef, the team behind China Lane borrows the ideas from several countries’ cuisines and fuses them with style. The menu of the restaurant includes delicious dishes like togarashi cuttlefish, wok-fried dry red curry, and Sichuan chili chicken wings.

Menu highlightsTogarashi cuttlefish
Wok-fried dry red curry
Sichuan chili chicken wings

8. The Colonial British Indian Cuisine, Darlinghurst

The Colonial British Indian Cuisine located in Darlinghurst, offers a new dining experience and flavours of the long-forgotten cuisines of undivided India’s North-west frontier province. Their menu selection serves a delicious departure from the ordinary.

The preservation of the flavours and the rustiness is the highlight of all their dishes. Visiting The Colonial British Indian cuisine revives the lost age-old cuisine and cooking style that is a feast for the stomach and the soul.

Wrapping Up

We have summed up a list of the eight best Asian fusion restaurants in Sydney. Choose your favourite one and enjoy delicious Asian food with a fine dining experience.