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The Grand Palace is serving traditional Indian food that is rich, plentiful and meticulously prepared.

India is the land of many exclusive and exotic spices. Over thousands of years, the civilization has evolved distinct culinory skills which are unparalleled. The food evolution started in the kitchens of emperors as well as commoners, each making its way to the other end.

Every single corner of India boasts food which is unique to that place. At The Grand Palace, we pride ourselves in bringing that distinct cuisine to Sydney for relishing by food connoisseurs.

We carefully blend spices with aromatic herbs which imparts heavenly flavors to our dishes. Our team of experienced chefs are mighty good at what they do. Any word other than exquisite is not enough to describe the sumptuous food we prepare in our kitchen.

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We have strived to create an ambience in our restaurant that can do a justice to such a delicious food. Our carefully crafted interior is a reminiscence of glamorous royal palaces of India. Opulance of our set up will give you the feeling of the bygone era of regal India.

We are supremely confident that our sublime food set in an ostentatious environment supported by attentive service will satiate your desire to have a unique dining experience.

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